Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Very shameful and fatal mistake

 (U Mya Win ) 1990 NLD- MP 

by အိုးေဝေအာင္ အိုးဘားမား on Monday, 23 January 2012 at 23:44

 In our country's history,there were  very ugly events like Ratanapone palace killings before and during king Sibaw's coronation, killings in BCP's Pegu yoma. We are shameful and our national dignity was effected unwashable with those extreme events,but they are not the most current and very unfortunately not in the name of democracy and human rights like ABSDF (NB)'s  killings and acts , striking,deforming and humiliating our nation,our national dignity and our people's great course and  great struggle. It is very shameful in history some people or our descendents will say 'you guys do and happens these things in your very nation, in your very democratic struggle'.It seriously insults our nation and our sacrifices.
These  ABSDF(NB)'s  inhumane,cruel and disgusting acts and  events are CRIMES committed by some foolish thugs ,whoever rationalistic and reasonable democratic people cannot COVER, ACCEPT,and SIDE with them under the name of democracy,human rights and our nation's great democratic struggle.
They committed on huminity,the same nationals in the same country even worse than NAZIs or Fascists.
Against dictatorship,we have been experienced with different kinds of suppressions and tortures,but we should not and  will not treat inhumanely or cruelly,if under our detention, even on U Ne Win,Brig Tin Oo or U Khin Nyunt etc under the name of democracy,human rights and sense of rule of law since we are democratic people.
We cannot give some funny and ridiculous excuses like 'it is war time' or 'they didn't have human right training' etc, even NAZIs or Fascists didn't  use those excuses for their crimes. Tigars or lions hunt or kill their preys (not cruelly or disgusting abuses) just for the food,ABSDF (NB)'s events are lower standard than jungle law.
The truth is exact, not one step more or one step less. These inhumane acts or events should not and must not be under the name of  a dignified organization,especially under the name of our people's democratic revolution. 
It is never too late to admit a mistake ( not just a mistake,it is historic,serious and fatal mistake). Some concerned and responsible people must stand truthfully,admit mistakes and apologize their concerned parts, should know that those committed people  has no future,no name in and under the name of democracy and human rights,no excuse ,no exception,forever outside the democracy. Being an opportunistic or cowardice, whoever of whatever cannot hope a dignity or merit even without denouncing a mistake.

With respect to our people and democracy,

U Mya Win
1990 NLD- MP
Ingabu township
Irrawaddy division

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